142 хп поинт бланк

142 хп поинт бланк

Between 2036 and 2040, she closed to point blank range, 800 yards (730 m), and launched one torpedo at each destroyer. The submarines ranged throughout the Philippines and Netherlands East Indies, and they made shorter deployments to the China coast. In 1940, the latter ended, and the boats intensified their exercises and patrols in the Philippines and participated in joint Army-Navy war games. February 1942[edit] By the end of the month, Japanese forces in Borneo had moved south into Balikpapan while those forces located in the Celebes moved into Kendari. On 2 February, S-37 departed Soerabaja and headed back to Makassar Strait. By 5 February, she was off Cape William. Thirteen minutes later, the mast and upper works of three destroyers in column were sighted: distance five miles (9250 m) , estimated speed 15 kn (28 km/h). A half-hour’s wait brought no transports or cargomen into view, and S-37 went after the destroyer formation. Four days later, she moved into the Russell Islands, whence she departed the Solomon Islands and headed back to Brisbane. On 19 October, she cleared the latter harbor for the last time, and, four days later, she arrived at Noumea, New Caledonia. USS S-37 (SS-142) was an S-class submarine of the United States Navy. During most of that time, the S-boats worked as a division, spending the fall and winter months in the Philippines and deploying to the China coast for spring and summer exercises.

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