Бланк с-09-01 2013г

бланк с-09-01 2013г

Далее нужно указать наименование банка, в котором открыт счет. Здесь опять же выбирается из 4-х предложенных вариантов нужный. Highlight the area of your spreadsheet in which you want to delete the blank rows. Be sure to include the row just above the first blank row and the row just below the last blank row. Her 1997 book, It Takes A Nation: A New Agenda for Fighting Poverty (Princeton University Press) won the Richard A. Lester Award for the Outstanding Book in Labor Economics and Industrial Relations. First, we’ll show you how to delete blank rows. Select “Blanks” again on the “Go To Special” dialog box and click “OK.” Again, all the cells in the selection that are not blank are de-selected, leaving only the blank cells selected. Rebecca M. Blank (born September 19, 1955) is the current chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and former Acting United States Secretary of Commerce.

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