Бланк аттестации

бланк аттестации

The contract called for two payments of $2.5 million each, upon the contractor’s invoicing after meeting two milestones. This new provision not only will encourage more litigation by the DOJ, but also by whistleblowers with information that their employers are misrepresenting their company’s small business status. Результаты аттестации представляются Руководителю в виде Сводного отчета с предложениями по итогам аттестации не позднее, чем через семь дней после ее проведения. The Small Business Act («SBA») has always contained sanctions for misrepresentation of small business status. A false certification can lead to a fine in excess of $500,000 and imprisonment. This update should not be construed as legal advice or opinion, and is not a substitute for the advice of counsel. The candidate should post the address and phone number of where they wish to be contacted. To receive notification about upcoming Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician courses offered in the State of Iowa, interested individuals should complete the on-line form. With funding being provided by the Iowa Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau, candidates are required to agree to post their contact information on the NHTSA website so that they may be a resource for those in their communities. Too many times a defendant is forced to foot the bill for costly discovery and motion practice before being able to successfully challenge class allegations.

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